Dried oregano, 10g


Dried oregano


Dried oregano (spice, known in our region as “materynka”) is dried leaves and inflorescences of the plant that grows on the rocky shores of the Mediterranean. Oregano has a pleasant, delicate aroma and a spicy, slightly bitter taste. The spice stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion. Oregano enhances the taste of meat, fish, poultry, game, pasta, various fillings of minced meat and liver, homemade sausages, sauces, marinades.

Oregano is an indispensable ingredient in Italian cuisine, whether pizza, pasta, pickled dried tomatoes or olives, oregano gives dishes a distinctive Italian flavor.

In Greece, oregano is included in every traditional farm salad of vegetables and feta cubes. Traditional moussaka and souvlaki are also made with oregano. This spicy herb is used in many tomato sauces, marinades or it is sprinkled directly on meat or fish.

With its astringent aroma and slightly bitter taste, oregano perfectly complements all types of tomato dishes, as well as pizza, pasta, fish and seafood. Our special advice: oregano goes well with various herbs such as basil, thyme and rosemary. Withstands heat and can be cooked with the dish without losing its flavor.

Weight: 10g