Dried ground parsley, 8g

Dried ground parsley

Ingridients: dried ground parsley

One of the most versatile herbs used in Middle Eastern cuisine is, without a doubt, parsley. Widely used as a spice. Due to its light smell and fresh taste, parsley can be used in everything from soups to sauces and vegetables. In most cases, parsley is considered the most common herb used in Middle Eastern recipes. A very versatile herb used by many chefs and cooks. Unlike most herbs, where the taste is enhanced by drying, the aroma of dried parsley will always be muted compared to its fresh counterpart, which makes dried parsley useful, despite this "disadvantage", its muted taste is less likely to conflict with other herbs and spices. Unlike fresh parsley, which can replace dried parsley, dried parsley cannot replace recipes that require fresh parsley.

One of the advantages of using dried parsley over fresh is storing the grass. Fresh parsley is stored in the refrigerator for only about two weeks. Spraying the leaves with a little water and storing them in a plastic bag usually works best. On the other hand, dried parsley is stored much longer. While dried parsley is stored in an airtight container, it retains its flavor for about one year. Due to its taste, smell, color and texture, parsley is a perfect addition to any Middle Eastern dish. Parsley is perfect for experiments in the kitchen and for creativity with its use in various dishes. In Middle Eastern cuisine, you can't go wrong with parsley.

Weight: 8g