Trade equipment

Our company offers its partners trade equipment for the sale of TsvetAromat™ products

In order to achieve maximum sales efficiency and increase market presence, we provide shelving, vertical and horizontal branded suspensions. The thought-over design allows to transport racks in the disassembled condition easily and to collect quickly after transportation. It is also possible to manufacture various types of retail equipment upon request (for specialized outlets, supermarket chains and self-service stores). Terms of provision and use of trade equipment are agreed individually with each client.

торгове обладнання для реалізації продукції ЦветАромат ™

To further sales enhance and improve the visual presentation of TsvetAromat products on the counter, small wholesale packaging is also properly designed (branded show boxes). Packing of spices and seasonings of the HORECA segment (for public catering establishments) is also provided. Products are packed in a transparent film of various weight, start with 0,5 kg.

спецій та приправ для сегменту HORECA

The activities of our company are aimed at creating products that can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding consumers. TsvetAromat ™ is chosen by many consumers all over Ukraine. We value each customer and do our best to meet high quality standards. Our production technologies are evolving, packaging design is modernized, the range is expanded with new items upon consumers request.

Торгівельне обладнання