Dried dill, 8g

Dried ground dill

Ingredients: dried ground dill

Dill is an aromatic herb with delicate, feathery green leaves. It is a popular ingredient worldwide, used in many European and Scandinavian dishes. Dill is a herb that goes especially well with all types of seafood, vegetables, salads, canned food or sauces based on yogurt and / or sour cream.

The taste of dill is herbal with a slight anise taste of licorice. Because it has such a unique taste, a small amount of dill can be very important, that is why dill is so good to use as a condiment. The feathery texture of dill leaves looks beautiful, and a small sprig of dill can add a noticeable flavor to a dish. Dill is also good in salads and is a key ingredient that gives a homemade sauce its unique flavor.

When used in cooking, dill greens lose flavor during prolonged cooking, so it should be added only at the last minute. If you need to replace fresh dill greens - 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh dill will be equivalent to 1 teaspoon of dried dill. Dill greens contain a small amount of calcium, manganese and vitamins A and C, as well as fiber and phytonutrients.

Weight: 8g