Agar-agar, 15g

Agar-agar is a plant analogue of gelatin. Advantages of agar-agar, in comparison with gelatin:

  • Gel forming property of agar-agar is much better, so in the process of cooking you need about 3 times less amount to use.
  • Agar-agar hardens faster (and even at room temperature). Gelatin also needs a refrigerator to harden, and at 40 degrees all the dishes cooked with it melt.
  • Agar-agar can be dissolved in juices, gelatin does not like fruit acids.
  • Agar-agar has a unique quality - thermal reversibility. If the jelly cooked on agar is heated and then cooled again, the product will become jelly again. Gelatin does not have this property.
  • Agar-agar has no smell and taste, which is very important when preparing desserts, because gelatin sometimes gives them a meaty taste, which is not very pleasant.
  • Agar is a vegetable thickener, ideal for use in vegetarian cuisine. Due to the zero calories, agar-agar is used to make products suitable for people with diabetes.