PREMIUM seasoning for meat WITHOUT SALT, 50g

PREMIUM mix of natural spices and seasonings without salt for meat

Premium spicy aromatic seasoning for meat of TsvetAromat, which consists of a mixture of selected herbs, vegetables and  high quality spices, inspires professional chefs in their culinary daily life as well as meets requirements of the most demanding gourmets. The seasoning mixture guarantees fast and excellent success of tasty and delicious variations in cooking meat.

A mixture of spices, condiments and dried vegetables in PREMIUM seasoning for meat without salt consists of: dried ground onion, ground dried garlic, chopped coriander, ground black pepper, ground tomatoes, basil, ground ginger, rosemary, red paprika flakes, ground red pepper, ground nutmeg, dried parsley, marjoram, ground allspice.

смесь специй и пряностей без соли для мяса

Ingredients which are included in TsvetAromat ™ PREMIUM seasoning without salt for meat, rich in valuable natural ingredients, do not contain flavorings, flavor enhancers and salt. This exquisite blend is ideal for creating unique dishes with sensational effects. Your chosen mixture of spices and Premium spices of TsvetAromat TM will complement meat dishes with aromas and taste. A hearty combination of selected spices, especially suitable for fried beef and beef dishes.

This exquisite spicy composition TsvetAromat for meat guarantees unique taste sensations to you and your guests.

Weight 50g. Packing with a zip-lock.






Black pepper